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DC Appleseed's

Advisory Council 

  • Alan Morrison

  • Eleanor Smith

  • Gary Epstein

  • Judy Berman

  • Larry Walders

  • Lois Schiffer

  • Marc Efron

  • Nick Fels, Co-chair

  • Patricia Brannan

  • Richard Herzog, Co-chair

  • Richard Shea

  • Rod Woodson

  • Russell Randle

  • Sheldon Krantz

  • Steve Stanton

Our new Advisory Council is composed of outstanding pro bono partners, past board members, and former senior staff who remain involved with DC Appleseed and offer their time and talents to support our mission.


While DC Appleseed’s Board of Directors maintains responsibility for governance, our Advisory Council members will leverage their unique gifts to further support our growth: valuable knowledge about the District and its systems, a legacy of significant policy wins, and a deep knowledge of the organization.

Current Advisory Council

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